Russia Does Not Make Anything

So thinks Obama, but his lackeys in Kiev are of a different opinion...

In a populist move (perhaps out of having nothing better to do), the Kiev City Council passed a directive which demands businesses mark Russian made products on the shelves. Kiev based journalist Maxim Ravreba has posted a photo showing how such a marking looks like. This one features a burning and crumbling gate of the Kremlin:

The marking says: "Made in Russia"

A simple search of the internet reveals other forms of marking Russian products:

The marking says: "Products from Russia"

There are many products from Russia on the shelves in Ukraine:


Anti-Fascist Hypocrisy Of Petro Poroshenko

On September 29, the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko visited the monument at Babi Yar to commemorate an anniversary of the massacre of Kiev's Jewry in 1941. Itar-Tass quotes him as uttering these words:

Ukraine and the whole world have received a strong vaccine against fascism, extermination of people and killings of innocent victims. Our country has never permitted racial discrimination, revival of fascism, ethnic reprisals, a split in languages, creeds or any other indicator... 

And added that:

Ukraine is united and will stay united... Only a united Ukraine can combat the risks and threats the country faces...

The world outside Ukraine may have received a strong vaccination against fascism, but Ukraine has not maintained her dose by the looks of it. The fact that the very monument Poroshenko visited was vandalised with Nazi symbols the day earlier seems to suggest that there is still work to be done. Ukraine for instance lacks the kind of stringent legislation common for countries of Central Europe. 

But legislation may not be the only problem Ukraine has when it comes to the acceptance of fascism. Using neo-Nazis to achieve that goal of united Ukraine may be another. The now notoriously famous Azov battalion fighting in Eastern Ukraine is an openly neo-Nazi outfit.

Since it is a common tendency on the part of various apologists for the Kiev regime to deny or downplay the presence of neo-Nazis in Ukraine, it is worthwhile that we establish the neo-Nazi credentials of the Azov battalion here. The battalion was featured on the pages of The Guardian, The Telegraph, Foreign Policy, Haaretz, and Al-Jazeera among others. All of these fine venues have sold their souls to Vladimir Putin, and refer to the Azov battalion as far right, neo-Nazi, and fascist.

And if you are still not convinced, on the left is the emblem of the Azov battalion:    

The Azov Battalion shield features the Wolfsangel and the Black Sun, two symbols associated with the SS.

Recent post on the Russia Insider (an excellent resource by the way) included a video from the VICE News "Russian Roulette" programme, where Poroshenko shakes hands with members of the Azov battalion, and calls them "true defenders".    


Bereaved Families Of German MH17 Victims Bring Ukraine To Court

Last Sunday the Bild am Sonntag reported that a lawyer representing 3 German families of MH17 victims is bringing Ukraine to European Court of Human Rights.

His reasons are what has been obvious from the start. The plane was shot down over Ukraine, and it was the responsibility of Ukraine to ensure the safety of her airspace. If she was unable to do that, she should have closed her airspace. Passenger jets should have never been allowed to fly over an area where military aircraft was being shot down almost daily. 

Basically this means that no matter how many groundless hysterical accusations of "Putin's thugs", to use Zbig Brzezinski's terminology, shooting down the plane with a "Putin's missile", to use the terminology of The Sun, (I never thought I could put old man Brzezinski and The Sun on the same level) the party to demand justice from is Ukraine. And hopefully, more people will be smart enough to follow suit.

Despite having about as much evidence for my suspicions as Brzezinski and The Sun, I am actually inclined to believe that the plane was shot down by the Ukrainian army at the behest of Washington. Simply because, the Ukrainian army was the best equipped for the task in the area, and Washington was the biggest beneficiary. Hesitant European countries needed to be convinced of the need to enact sanctions against Russia, and what better way to convince them than by shooting down a plane full of European tourists? Washington immediately blamed pro-Russian separatists without providing any evidence, and the tame Western press obediently repeated the accusation. As a consequence, it became untenable for European politicians to waver on sanctions. 


Trolling The "March For Peace"

Russian liberals and other associated protest minded individuals (anarchists, nationalists, professional Ukrainians, paid protesters, mentally disturbed people etc.) organised a march this Sunday against an imaginary war...

Imaginary because there isn't a war against Ukraine waged by Putin they were protesting against. Some foreign powers might certainly find it convenient that Russia is blamed for a war the Kiev regime started by sending APCs and multiple-rocket launchers to repress the people of Donbas. Naturally, it stands to reason that the protesting individuals are doing a service to somebody else than their own country by legitimising the slander against her. And for that matter they were greeted by a poster...

...saying: "March Of The Traitors", and featuring some prominent liberal opposition figures, some of which (if not all) have attended the march. 

Some people came to express a position different from that of Washington and Kiev:

Above is a writer and blogger Mikhail Samarskiy with a poster reading: "Crimea is Russia." Indeed, and where there is Russia, there is peace.

Some counter-protesters apologised to the people of Donbas for the event that seeks to legitimise the criminal actions of the Kiev regime.

The poster reads: "Donbas, we are sorry for the march of traitors. Russia is with Donbas." 

The route of the march was lined with the flags of Novorossiya and those of the people's republics in former Eastern Ukraine.

The British state forces us to fund BBC's existence by law, and in exchange we all receive quality coverage of World events.  

"Donetsk and Lugansk are standing for the Holy Rus'"

"Washing after the march of traitors."



Ukraine Today Promo Video

On the 24 August, and international TV station "Ukraine Today" was launched, and was introduced by a rather curious promotional video. In this post I shall have a look at some of its contents...

First off, let me tell you what my opinion about the Ukraine Today channel is. I think it is a pointless waste of money in a country that is on the verge of bankruptcy. There is no need in fact for an international TV news channel offering global audiences a coverage of Ukrainian news from a Ukrainian perspective. All major English (not to mention other Western) language venues have a pro-Ukraine bias, and provide a coverage from the Ukrainian perspective. The standard practice in Western media is to simply reiterate what has previously been reported by Ukrainian media. All this makes the existence of Ukraine Today rather redundant, the "World" hears Ukraine's voice on a fairly regular basis.

In the video we are told Ukraine is fighting a war of independence against imperial forces. That is what they now call the punitive operation which aims to subjugate restive regions in the East of the county. And these rebels, elevated now to the dignified position of "imperial forces" threaten the whole of the civilised world apparently (I have already posted about this notion of Ukraine being the last line of defence against Eastern hordes). And this struggle (for independence apparently) will set the tone of international relations for decades to come. Such views are not crazy enough for the mainstream in the West, read Ben Judah's recent rant on the pages of the New York Times for instance. Which once again makes the existence of Ukraine Today rather redundant, and wasteful.

Watch the video, it is quite something:



Coal Reserves Are Being Depleted 

This story is dated 3 September...

Due to the situation in Donbas, the reserves of coal in Khar'kov region are projected to be depleted in 10 days. Basically there is no coal, and consequently there will be no electricity.   

Prime Minister Yatsenyuk announced the other day that Ukraine is buying one million tons of coal from South Africa. That situation is akin to Saudi Arabia buying oil from Russia - absurd. But it could have been avoided if idiots like Yatsenyuk preferred political solutions to military. 


Russian Irredentism Sells

And industrious Ukrainians appear not to miss a chance to make some money on irredentist memes...

I found this the other day on the Colonel Cassad blog, (this website posts translation of some material from there into English) whose author happens to be a resident of Crimea. He posted photos of a curious lighter he bought on the peninsula. 

The lighter promotes the notion that: "Crimea is Russia".

On the observe side it says in Ukrainian, that the lighter was made in Ningbo, China on the order of the company "Faer Treyd" (Fire Trade) in Odessa. There is even an address included, poor schmucks might now get a visit from radical nationalist thugs who are known to harass anyone pro-Russian in the city. 


The People Welcome Their Liberators With Cheers

I found this video of soldiers in the Ukrainian city of Vynnitsia (in Central Ukraine; West of Kiev and North-West of Odessa) complaining that they were sent to a war zone unequipped. They say they do not want to be returned back to the war zone as it is a meat-grinder...

At around the second minute of the video, the soldiers begin talking about their encounters with the natives of Eastern Ukraine. I translate:

We agree to serve in the 9th battalion on the territory of the Vynnitsia region. We do not say that we do not wish to serve, we will [serve] in the ranks of the 9th battalion on the territory of the Vynnitsia region! They have called us to defend a territory that is not ours. We are liberating these people, so they would not be bombed (yes, he actually said that), and they are showing us "fuck you" (that is the middle finger) and ask: "Why have you come here?"


They say we are banderovites, fascists, punishers, ukropy... ("ukrop" means "dill" in Russian, because it starts with the letters "ukr" it became a term meaning "Ukrainian", an expression "Cut down ukrop" has gained some currency) They call us junta and ukropy!


We are fighting for them, and they, grown men like us, are sitting next to a shop drinking beer. And we are fighting for them!


Svidomites Now Defend Europe From Russian Hordes

Yes, from barbarian, Turanic Mongoloid, Muscovite hordes...

It looks like there is new myth designed to elicit sympathy from the Western World which does not appear to care enough for Ukraine and her troubles. The svidomites now claim that they are defending Europe and America from Russian barbarian horde in Eastern Ukraine where the Ukrainian government is attempting to suppress a local secessionist rebellion without much success. I have visited one of the Euromaidan pages on Facebook, where I found this post by a certain Max Mykhaylenko. He is by far not the first one expressing the opinion that Ukraine is defending Europe and the World from a Russian horde, however it is a particularly interesting one in terms of arguing the case. I quote his rant in full:

And yes, dear Americans...this is the last time I am addressing you on behalf of my nation and Ukraine, with any respect.

United States, stop playing chicken!

We are now fighting Russian hordes on our own. We don't need more of your hypocritical statements of 'concerns' , really.

We need weapons -- guns, bullets, missiles, choppers, jets and navy units. 
I mean, in case you became such pussies that you cannot send troops to defend Europe from Russian Nazi Barbarians -- this is sad and strange, isn't it?

We even do not ask you to do so, we've understood that, actually, Americans became so damn cowardly, that they agree to suck up to a gangster dictator Putin.

Eventually, you'll have to agree to cede Alaska and Florida to Russia -- but hey, this is your choice. Actually, California has also been colonized by Russians-- how about a referendum on cecession while facing Russian guns in LA? Guess, the White House will express some really grave concerns on that, too!

But, read the above.

If you are at least somewhat sane -- you can still somehow hold up your reputation of a ' leader of the democratic world', he-he.

Ah, remember the Budapest Memorandum? We, Ukrainians, gave up our nuclear weapons in exchange of the security guarantees from you, the U.S. We've believed that US security guarantees were not bullshit or some piece of paper to throw in trash. Simpletons we were, weren't we?

So, you could at least give us outdated weapons to fight away Russian agression. In fact, I don't believe you would, and you know why. You've already allowed hundreds of thousands people to get killed by Assad in Syria, probably now you are going to allow millions of your own European kin to die in Eastern Europe.

We are fighting. Rivers of blood are flowing down the Black Sea for what we still think are Western values -- human rights, democratic government, diversity, tolerance and peace.

Your choice, Americans, is still there on the table -- maybe, for another day or two.

I'll leave this without a comment...

PS: Explanation of strange terms used:

I often refer to crazy Ukrainian nationalists as "svidomites", a term that might seem strange top non-Slavic readers. It comes from the Ukrainian word: "svidomist'" meaning "consciousness", or rather 'natsional'na svidomist'" or "national consciousness". Some people have too much of it, and those aroused patriots I call "svidomites". Their ideological product is "svidomism". It is characterised by Ukrocentrism, and pathological Russophobia. 

Some out there claim the word is a combination of "svidomist'" and "sodomite". Well, it isn't. It is a rendering of "svidomit", the practitioner of "svidomism". Others say that it means any patriotic Ukrainian. Once again - no! You can be a patriot of Ukraine without being a fool. 


Dostoyevsky On Russian Liberals

He had them figured...

Found here 


Has Kravchuk Seen The Light?

Former president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk is a media person in Ukraine, and has a large presence on the television there...

Appearing on the "5 channel" he had this to say:

Those processes that have taken place in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine were not only caused by the Russians. The cause [of this] is our senseless policy in relation to the regions. The problem is that we have been declaring the idea of independence of regions. But in practice all financial flows have been going through the center, and the center was robbing them (that is regions)

I talk to many people, [and] such poverty as in Lugansk and other regions is impossible to find. Even though these are relatively wealthy regions. Therefore there was basis for [social tensions] to blow up. However, there wasn't any basis for these regions to come to the idea to separate from Ukraine.   

Kravchuk has not seen the light entirely in my opinion. He is correct that people's economic needs have not been met by the unitary arrangement, but so haven't cultural needs of the people. The latter is what gave people of Eastern Ukraine the idea to separate from Ukraine. Fair enough, I guess Kravchuk still wants to maintain his presence on Ukrainian media which have for months been claiming that no discrimination of the Russian cultural element has been taking place. And hence, the people in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea have had nothing to complain about.

Another aspect of Ukrainian propaganda is to label the protests and uprising in the Eastern Ukraine and Crimea as Russian instigated, or at the very least Russian inspired. The point is to downplay internal causes, and the inconvenient fact that who the Ukrainian forces are fighting in the East are largely natives of the region. I guess it makes leveling cities from multiple rocket launchers easier. On top of that, an outside enemy helps to consolidate the public, and is a useful target to blame economic hardships on. 


The Harvest Of Despair

Ever since the sowing period in early spring, I keep on hearing about the unsatisfactory levels of agricultural production in Ukraine. Ukrainian journalist Anatoly Shariy made an interesting account of the fall on his facebook page, and I decided to translate it...

Friends, not everything is so scary. We are anticipating a wonderful harvest on top of all the niceties. 

So, according to data from Government Statistics Bureau, agricultural production in Ukraine has dropped by 17.6% in comparison with June last year when the mob ruled over Ukraine. (note: mob or "banda" is what Yanukovych's government was called by Maidan protesters)

Plant cultivation fell by 30.1% in June

As of June 1, cereals and grain legumes (not including corn) made up only 9.3% of all the area sown.

The production of grain fell 2.1 times.

The production of wheat (winter wheat and spring wheat) fell 4.8 times, of rye by 27.5 times (!), of grain legumes 2.3 times.

Rapeseed - minus 36.5%, harvest of fruits and berries minus 12%.

Grain reserves are minus 20% as of June 1 in comparison with last year.

70% of wheat harvested is fodder, it is for the cattle to eat, also a rather small amount. Maybe for export? No. The costs of logistics are too high. And that's not only problem.

The hryvna has crashed which led to double increase in the price of resources. And that made our produce not needed by anyone on global markets. There the prices are persistently low.

Maybe we can sell it to Russia? That wouldn't work. Due to damaged relations, the export of agricultural products has dropped by 30%, including grain by 10%, vegetables by 50%, meat by 75%, the import of milk products is banned, [that of] packeted juices [also], and so forth...

[Should we] save them? No. We do not have the capacity. We can only store away from rain 30 tons, and the rest will go to the forefathers.

Simply put, under the previous government of thieves and criminals it was possible to create reserves thanks to which there will not be hunger. Not this year at least.

And I have to say, we have won, and glory to Ukraine and her wise rulers... 


Ukraine Is The Worst Performing Economy In The World

According to The Economist...

I avoid that Russophobic rag by the name The Economist like plague, so I found the above graphic here


Putin Saved Crimea From Bloodshed

Opponents of Russian annexation of Crimea have only one solid argument against it. The annexation was not entirely correct according to international law. Indeed, Ukraine did not give consent to the annexation. But breaking the law in order to save lives is a noble thing to do. And knowing how the Ukrainian state treats attempts at greater autonomy by its heterogeneous regions, (that is Donbas, Transcarpathia, or Crimea, and couple of others) we know that such a consent would never be given. 

For the last 23 years, the Ukrainian state treated any attempts to establish autonomy in the regions with ignorance and repression. The Ukrainian state ignored referendums in Donetsk region, in Transcarpathia, it even sent APCs to Crimean cities to intimidate people demanding more autonomy. It was only to be expected that the Ukrainian state would meet renewed demands for greater autonomy from regions in 2014 with repression. 

In Crimea, as well as later in the Donbas, mass protests led to the formation of local militias. The radical nationalist organisation "Right Sector" threatened to send a "train of friendship" to teach the Crimeans a lesson. But the Russian military got involved and no "train of friendship" full of "Right Sector" thugs ever arrived. What such "train of friendship" would have looked like was shown on 2 May in Odessa, when thousands of thugs were brought into the city with the approval of local government, and were unleashed against activists at Kulikovo Pole. Dozens of unarmed, peaceful activists were burned alive in the House of the Trade Unions.

The people of Donbas were unfortunately not so lucky, their region did not turn out to that attractive for Russia to take under her protection. But we have had the chance to see the full extent of what the Ukrainian state is capable of doing to people who dare to demand more self-determination. Instead of entering negotiations, the criminal Kiev regime unleashed a military operation against Donbas. Ukrainian state would have unleashed a military operation against Crimea too had the Russians not intervened.