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Canada succumbes to Ukrainian Nationalist Lobbies.

Michael Averko sent me a link to this piece of propagandist praise by Marco Levytsky. Allow me to deconstruct the drivel...

It has become customary for Ukrainian Nationalists to claim the Holodomor as genocide. The purpose of this appropriation is simple, it is to portray the Soviet generated famine as a Russian generated attack on the Ukrainian Nation. The intent to use the tragedy as such becomes clear when one notices the author's, Marco Levytsky's, slander towards the Yanukovych government. He calls it Little Russian and this is where his argument totally fails. Little Russia, or Malorus', was the Russian Imperial administrative name for Ukraine, or at least a part of it when viewed fom the perspective of contemporary Ukrainian State, until 1802. It was the Bolsheviks who first brought the term Ukraine into administrative usage, as way of countering what they called, Russian chauvinism. They could not come up with the same thing for White Russia, or Belorus', and that's why the latter retains its name that designates it as a part of Rus'.

The government of Quebec has been persuaded by the lobbying of the local Ukrainian Diaspora to recognise the tragedy as genocide, there is the possibility that British Columbia will soon follow suit as it has a far greater number of people of Ukrainian origin resident there...

It is imperative that both the Government and the Opposition in B.C. get together to enact such a bill. Québec’s successful enactment serves as a further spur to B.C. seeing how there are more than six times as many British Columbians of Ukrainian origin (197,265, according to the 2006 census) as Québecers (31,955).


Much credit for the passage of Bill 390 is due Parti Québecois MNA Louise Beaudoin whose Rosemont constituency houses the heart of Montreal’s Ukrainian community. Significantly, while both Pierre Arcand, speaking for the governing Liberals and Gérard Deltell, Leader of Action démocratique du Québec judiciously avoided using the G word, Beaudoin tackled the issue head on, citing Raphael Lemkin, the Polish Jewish lawyer who fled in 1941 to the United States, and invented in 1943 the term and concept of genocide. In Lemkin’s own words, which she cited in her speech: 'This is not simply a case of mass murder. It is a case of genocide, of destruction, not of individuals only, but of a culture and a nation.'

Somebody should have made it clear the Louise Beaudoin that the term genocide as defined by Lemkin is not applicable to Holodomor. The Nazis for example had a policy of purging all the areas under their control of Jews. They used the terms 'Judenfrei' and 'Judenrein', the former referring to the action of freeing the area of Jews and the latter signifying that the Jewish population of the area was cleansed.

The Soviets had no such policy towards the Ukrainians. Their policy was that of coercive implementation of Communism, collectivizing the farms and creation of agricultural communes called the kolkhoz, Ukraine as the bread-basket of the former Russian Empire was naturally the hardest hit by these policies. But other agricultural areas, populated with people of nationalities other than Ukrainians were also affected by hunger. If the Soviets targeted a certain group it was motivated by class warfare. Take for example the policy of Dekulakisation, which coincided with the Holodomor. The motivation here was to eradicate the class of rich farmers, it did not matter whether the rich farmer was Ukrainian, Russian or Tatar here.

When the Soviets ever came close to genocide it was during Decossakisation, but I suspect the Soviets viewed the Cossacks more as a class hostile to their agenda than an ethnic group worthy of elimination. Also close, and probably even closer than Decossakisation, were the mass deportations of ethnic groups accused of collaborating with the Nazis, such as the Chechens or Crimean Tatars. But with these instances it is also arguable whether they constitute genocide. They certainly eliminated particular ethnic group in its homeland but not the ethnic group itself. 

The correct term for Soviet atrocities is less known word, politicide, murder of a social group for political not racial reasons.

Central to all the revisionism that the Little Russian government is pushing is the idiotic argument that the Holodomor was not a genocide because nationalities other than Ukrainians also died during the famine. That is the equivalent of saying the Holocaust was not a genocide because Adolph Hitler killed millions of other people besides Jews.

This is the argument I use and what is idiotic here is Levytsky's comparison of Holodomor with the Holocaust. The Nazis as we had seen earlier had a policy of total eradication of Jews in the areas under their control. Their policies were directed towards this goal. Soviet policies had a goal of establishing the kolkhoz, not eradication of Ukrainians as a nation. The death toll resulting from this policy did not discriminate between those that define themselves as Russian, Ukrainian or Tatar.

But the Holocaust was a genocide because Hitler specifically targeted Jews and the Holodomor was a genocide because Joseph Stalin specifically targeted Ukrainians. The areas outside Ukraine where the famine prevailed were areas populated by ethnic Ukrainians. The borders of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic were sealed off so that Ukrainian peasants could not travel to Russia to obtain food where it was plentiful. The Holodomor was accompanied by the elimination of the Ukrainian intelligentsia and Ukrainian schools and newspapers. Entire villages comprised entirely of ethnic Ukrainians were wiped out in such regions as Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv and Odesa. These areas were resettled by ethnic Russians, changing the demographics to a pro-Russian political sentiment. By specifically targeting ethnic Ukrainians, Moscow destroyed their sense of national consciousness, instilling a sense of fear for simply admitting their national identity.

The fact that that others died speaks against genocide. If there was genocide, believe me, there would be no or very few Ukrainians left. Ukrainian language itself and the very identification called Ukrainian would be outlawed. However this was not the case, in Kharkiv, in Soviet census of 1959, 48.4% of the respondents, i.e. the majority, answered that they are Ukrainian, this number has risen to 50.38% in 1989. In 2001 census found that 53.8% of respondents considered Ukrainian to be their native language. Identification with the Ukrainian nation does not seem to instigate any anti-Russian sentiments it seems, despite the wishes of West Ukrainian Russophobic Nationalists.      

As far as his claim about areas with Ukrainian population goes, this is very ambiguous and rests on Ukrainian Nationalist claim that Cossacks are in fact ethnic Ukrainians. I would suggest Mr. Levytsky travels to Rostov and tells people there about it, I bet they would be thrilled by his irredentist message. Or maybe he should take a trip to Kazakhstan and see if there are any Ukrainians there. The argument that Soviet authorities targeted specifically those people that identified themselves as Ukrainian is tenuous at best. 

Finally, I would like to mention one other instance of Soviet policy that is more closer to genocide than the Holodomor. When the Soviets seized Subcarpathian Rus' from Czechoslovakia they outlawed the identification as Rusyn for the local population together with the Rusyn language, and hence all the people there were defined as Ukrainians by the 'anti-Ukrainian' Communists. The government of Independent Ukraine continued with this Soviet policy while the government of neighbouring Slovakia reversed it. The numbers of Rusyns in Slovakia are rising now. So much for the sovok attitude the Russophiles in Ukraine are accused of.

PS: Read the comments underneath the article if you want to be amused.    

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Reader Comments (12)

I think the points I raised where much better which lays out the origins of the engineered famine narrative and its reincarnation during the 80’s with Ukrainian nationalist groups affiliated with right wing/Neoconservative think tanks and organisations and the fact that it effected the Ukrainian-Russian Eastern population not West.
Even the Soviet Census data is questioned as being misinterpreted and grossly exaggerates the number of people of died during the famine.

It was Ukrainian nationalist groups with ties to the Nazis that financed the Holodomor campaign and lobbied for its recognition in the 80’s so it is no surprise that Canada would recognise it.

This is exactly the problem with Russian commentators they refuse to acknowledge that there is a concentrated geo-political campaign behind this or even question the official narrative view on Communism just giving a different angle on the pre-set boundaries of discussion on Communism and Russia.

If there was a Soviet genocide it was against the Russian people. The civil war was directly targeted at the Russian majority using hostile minority ethnic groups and races.

And let’s face it the facts speak for themselves the so called “revolution” was a well organised coup supported and financed by foreign interests and powers lead by Jewish Marxist groups from the conflict in the Pale of Settlement just like they are using Chechen based Jihadist to fragment Russia today along with other Jihadist groups across Eurasia.

Even in the official case of the Holomodor Ukraine’s own Orange gang investigation concluded that the senior officials where Jewish.

“Last July, the Ukrainian Security Service released a list of high-ranking Soviet state and Communist Party officials -- as well as officials from NKVD, the police force of Soviet Russia -- that essentially blamed Jews and Latvians responsible for perpetrating and executing the famine because most of the names on the list were Jewish”

June 25, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterjack

Nice Leos! I see some influences from our ethnopolitical conflict course here! ;) How's your dissertation going?

June 25, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterRichard


The negative aspects of the Soviet period weren't exclusive to any one group.

Alexi Bayer's recent Moscow Times article and some prior commentary by Yevgenia Albats acknowledge a relatively large per capita number of Jews in such situations as the Stalin era NKVD. These two individuals (who I don't often agree with) are correct in further noting how many other Jews suffered and the number of other ethnic groups entrenched in the Soviet hierarchy.

Then there're others who casually refer to: "a largely ethnic Russian Soviet leadership..." while suggestively downplaying non-Communist Russians and non-Russian Communists.

June 26, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMisha


But they are trying to portray Communism as a Russian nationalist movement which was not it was an anti-Russian movement engineered for decades with well over a billion dollars by foreign intelligence and affiliated international banking to overthrow the current system kill all the intellectuals and anyone else to could oppose the new coup government where the ruling Russian elite would be replaced by a coalition of hostile minority groups.

Yes but the first Marxist terrorist groups originated from the Pale of Settlement, overwhelmingly represented in the Marxist groups that were held in European capitals and Jews where in all the major positions especially in Russia after the Bolshevik coup and in the post war satellite states.

The assassination of Tsar Alexander was carried out by a Jewish Marxist terrorist group.

“Utin was followed by a great number of Jews including Mark Natanson, the founder of the Russian Narodnik movement, Paul Axeirod who together with George Plckahnov and Vera Zasulitch formed the "Triumvirate" of the founders of the Russian Social-Democratic movement in 1883, Rosalie Bograd who married Plekhanov, Meir Molodetsky, Gregory Goldenberg, Mw Deutch, Vladimir Jochelson, Aaron Sundelievitch, and Hesya Helfmann, who was among those sentenced to death for the assassination of Czar Alexander”

The PDF of the original selection of foreign intelligence reports is online that details the nature of the Bolshevik revolution which is on I think.

Why were Russian churches destroyed but no synagogues as Churchill remarked?

Anne Applebaum can write a book called GULAG to demonize Russia highlighting a Jewish protagonist in the book which was financed by a grant from the Olin Foundation but she failed to mention that the Gulag system itself was created by Jews during Lenin’s rule and Jews administered 9 out of 11 Gulag prison systems and according to Solzhenitsyn in 200 Years Together gave preferential treatment to Jewish inmates.

Not that it really matters as there is no actually evidence of Soviet "genocides" and the ones that were even alleged had little Russian’s in them.

June 26, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterjack


IMO, which is shared by some others, there's a tendency among some to highlight the given particulars in a way that doesn't consider a perspective that's somewhere in between perceptions which are presented in comparatively more absolute terms.

Communists in the former Russian Empire were of different views. Likewise, non-Communists from that area differed among themselves.

There were periods in Soviet history when all of the major faiths were greatly suppressed.

Numerous Jews in the former Russian Empire were opposed to Communism. Jewish or not, folks of a capitalist mindset and a good amount of wealth had reason to be suspicious of Bolshevik intentions. I recall the politically left leaning editor of Global Research describing his family as Jews who felt a need to leave the former Russian Empire, on account of some of the activity undergone by the Bolshevik side.

In conjunction with per capita data on the ethnicity of Communists, keep in mind the number of non-Communists in each of these groups.

June 26, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMisha

@ Richard

I read some helpful works this week and will obtain some more literature while I'm still in London. I will probably go back to Czech Republic for the summer and write it there.

Yes I used ideas that we discussed in our courses. ;-)

@ Jack and Mike

Communists were internationalists and I would say that not only the Russian elites suffered from their rampages. Elites in the Caucasus or Central Asia were eradicated just as thoroughly, Georgian case is very similar to the Russian for instance.

This is why I opt for the word politicide, not genocide when describing what the Communists did.

June 26, 2010 | Registered CommenterLeoš Tomíček

@Leoš Tomíček & Misha

But Jews as a group/whole were not suppressed until after the 67 war when the USSR cut off ties to Israel to save trade relations with Mid East countries and figured predominantly in Soviet institutions.

This an important issue because former USSR states and ethnic groups in it are attempting to sue Russian for billions of dollars and are using the Communism is Russian narrative issue to bring about hostilities and war against Russia.

And it is Jewish commentators and think tanks that are pushing this while hypocritically expunging or massively downplaying the predominant Jewish role in Communism both in the USSR and internationally and that the events of 1917 were predominantly but not exclusively result of a decade’s long ethnic conflict.

The evidence of this is overwhelming.

The same can be said of the post war period supporting anti-Russian forces wither it be the Oligarchs, Chechen separatists, neighbouring coloured revolutionary states, largely Jewish Russian mafia who travel on Israeli passports, trade restrictions like the Jackson-Vanik amendment and anti-Russian resolutions adopted by the US Senate and western intelligence lead opposition.

How they can support Islamic separatist/terrorist states in the former Yugoslavia and the North Caucasus who are supported by the likes of Hezbollah, HAMAS and Iranian intelligence as well as connections to all the major terrorist attacks and elsewhere like Xinjing separatist all with proven links to international terrorists and the Taliban training in camps yet denying Palestinians their own state. Beyond CHUZTPA!

June 26, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterjack

Notice a mistake meant to say " post-Soviet era" instaed of "post war".

June 26, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterjack

@ Jack

The Jewish role in the revolution, in terms of actual representation of Jews among the Bolsheviks and financial help they received from New York bankers is undeniable. However many Jews perished during the Stalinist purges.

I have seen websites that want to stress the Jewish role in the revolution too much. Such as the claim that Stalin was Jewish, yes indeed, the Jewish seminarian. This is just as wrong as saying that the Russians did it.

This is why it is best to speak of what happened without ethno-centric narratives. They should only be mentioned for example when discussing the motivations of New York financiers, but these people have supported other groups besides the Communists which makes establishing some ethnic link to the revolution even more tenuous.

June 26, 2010 | Registered CommenterLeoš Tomíček

@Leoš Tomíček

I don’t think that negates the fact that Jews lead the revolutionary movement in Russia as Jews can be affiliated with other political groups as they were at the time like Zionism or even aligned with fascist and nationalist forces during WW2 or even at the time between the different Marxist groups wither it be Trotskyite international Communism or Stalinist national Communism.

Even today while Neocon Jews try to rehabilitate Ukrainian and other nationalist forces Jewish in the Baltic’s, Russia and Belarus are protesting these actions.

But it is the western mass media which is largely Jewish owned and Jewish think tanks like AEI and commentators like Applebaum that are stressing the ethno-centric nature of Communism as Russian which is an obvious lie when you see the people who actually are accused of caring out mass repressions were not even Russian Jew or not.
If they want to make an issue of it then this point should be addressed.

Off course the most predominant bigots are not Jews like Eric Margolias and writers and historians here in Britain and in the establishment with the comparisons of the Stalin era with contemporary Russia like in the book Stalin and his Hangmen (I think that’s the title of the book or something similar to it) stressing alleged repression against minority ethnic groups.

And why is the predominant role of Jews in the Communist revolution and movement not prohibited to be discussed in mainstream academia and mass media?

The US State Department's Office of Global Anti-Semitism has deemed it anti-Semitic to simply state the fact Jews lead or had a prominent role in the Bolshevik revolution.

As far as the purges go with the mainstream version being totally bogus those Jewish commissars that were sentence to death did so because they were committing crimes or part of the Trotskyite plot prior to WW2.

June 26, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterjack

Off topic but I am surprised you have not posted this or maybe you have not heard about it.

Follower of the “religion of peace” Islamic Crimean Tatar slaughters a 5 year old Russian boy in front of his friends while playing in a sandpit.

"The Ukrainian police are investigating a brutal murder of a five-year-old boy, who had his throat cut when playing in a sandpit. The murderer, the victim’s town-fellow, killed the boy in front of other children’s eyes. The situation may develop in a large-scale conflict: the murderer turned out to be a fanatic of Islam, whereas his victim was a boy with a Russian name.

The hideous crime was committed in the settlement of Dneprovka, in Ukraine’s Crimea, on June 18. A 27-year-old man killed a five-year-old boy Viktor Shemyakin by cutting his throat. The boy’s three-year-old sister Lena Shemyakina and her five-year-old friend became eye-witnesses of the crime.

The children said that the man, whom they said they knew, approached Viktor as they were playing in the sandpit near their house. “Look, there is a bird up there!” the man told the boy. As soon as the boy looked up, the man stabbed him in the throat and left.

Viktor’s mother – Angelina – heard the kids screaming and ran out of the house to find her child lying in a pool of blood. The woman called the police and ambulance, but the doctors could not save the little boy.

The police arrested the suspect three hours later. The man was identified as Server Ibragimov, a Crimean Tatar. He was hiding in the loft of his parents’ house. The blood - stained knife was found there too.

The suspect has pleaded guilty to the crime. He told the police that he had killed the boy because spirits had told him to,” Rosbalt reports.
Rumor has it that the perpetrator is a member of a radical Islamite sect.

“The man screamed Allah Akbar when killing the boy. The kid was slaughtered like a goat, and it happened on Friday, which is the immolation day. People are in rage, they feel like they want to tear the killer to pieces,” a local resident said.
Other residents of the town said that the man had had mental issues before.

“He has threatened people before. He would make fires and chant prayers in public. Maybe his mentors used him being aware of the fact that he was a mentally unbalanced man. He did scream Allah Akbar before he killed the boy, and he repeated these words during the re-enactment of the crime,” a woman named only as Raisa said.

The police neither confirmed nor rejected the version saying that Server Ibragimov was a religious fanatic. They had to cordon off the whole street in the town during the crime re-enactment not to let the grieving and enraged locals lynch the monster."

June 26, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterjack

@ Jack

Pretty gruesome. I would probably follow up on this story, see if it develops into ethnic clashes. So far it seems this guy is not so much a follower of the religion of peace but a complete nutcase.

June 28, 2010 | Registered CommenterLeoš Tomíček

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