The Law

I would first like to thank my brother, who unlike me is a geek and who has helped the useless me in designing this blog. There is still some work to be done but majority of it is now finished. The banner illustration is taken from Ilya Glazunov’s ‘Destruction of the Church on Easter Eve’, a painting I liked for some time now.

Whether you followed the link with which I spammed your message boxes with or just wandered here from somewhere else, hear some necessary rules of conduct for the comments section!

The policy is relaxed to the point that personal attacks are tolerated. You can attack me, or each other with whatever you like. The ideas here are highly subjective to myself and would be inevitably offensive to some, therefore trolls are welcome. Might the blog ever become popular (which is doubtful), this policy could be reconsidered due to maintenance difficulties. You can also publicize your own and other peoples works, this is highly welcome.

What is not tolerated are posts such as ‘kjsdhlkjehoohsdkljh...’ or commercial advertisement. I am not yet interested in free Viagra.


Oddities among Western Muslims

Two odd news stories comming from the Western Muslim communities recently.

A Muslim cleric marries Christian men to Muslim women in Oxford.

A Jewish doctor performs circumcision on a Palestinian child in Sweden.

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