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Belly Rot Rhizoctonia spp. Needlecast Sphaeropsis spp. Persimmon Diospyros spp. Shothole Leaf Spot Stigmina spp. Helminthosporium leaf spot Dreschlera avenae Hemlock Tsuga spp.

  • WideMatch Corteva Agriscience (Dow) Greenbook
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  • WideMatch® Herbicide — Crop Protection
  • Weeds for June 3,

  • Learn why growers trust WideMatch® herbicide more than any other herbicide for high-anxiety broadleaf weed control in wheat.

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    Contains fluroxypyr and clopyralid, the active ingredients used in WideMatch®. WhipLash™ contains fluroxypyr and clopyralid, two of the most powerful. Dow AgroSciences LLC. Zionsville Road. Indianapolis, IN OFFICE OF.

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    Leaf Blight Cylindrocladium spp. Leaf Blight Sclerotinia spp. This change was made to accommodate tank mixtures with Lumax herbicide, which prohibits nitrogen fertilizer.

    WideMatch Corteva Agriscience (Dow) Greenbook

    Gleotrichia Gliocladium Diseases Gliocladium spp. Blossom Blight Blossom Blight Nectria spp. Storage Rot Rhizopus spp. Smut, Stinking Smutgrass Sporobolus indicus S.

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    Nigra V.

    Leaf Blight Monilinia spp. Grass, For Seed Gramineae. Brown Leaf Spot Cercospora spp. Leaf Rot Botrytis spp.

    Cornflower Centaurea cyanus. Rabbit Leporidae Rabbitbrush Chrysothamnus spp.

    WideMatch Herbicide controls and suppresses more weeds than any other small grains herbicide. The industry-leading active ingredient combination of. View the product label for WideMatch from Corteva Agriscience (Dow).

    See active ingredients, product application, restrictions, and more. Or generic equivalent. grains. WideMatch commercial mixture with MCPA A3 A C1 C5 C9 S1 S Long Residual ALS Herbicides.

    Minnesota Wisconsin Retail Book by PlantPioneer Issuu

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    WideMatch® Herbicide — Crop Protection

    NuFarm ipa. 5. Partial. Glyphogan. MANA.
    Stem Rot, Bipolaris Helminthosporium Bipolaris spp. Mushroom Pathogen Thielavia spp.

    Weeds for June 3,

    Leaf Spot Drepanopeziza spp. Bedstraw Galium spp. Since the original intervals were based on a total seasonal use rate of 1. Nematode, Sheath Hemicycliophora spp. Algae Microcystis spp Algae Gomphosphaeria spp.

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    Leaf Blight Schizothyrium spp. Coffeeweed unspecified.

    Seedborne Rust Rhizoctonia spp. Leaf Spot Curvularia spp.

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    Potatoes, Mayweed Chamomile DogfennelPineappleweed.