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Sign In Don't have an account? As he intercepts the thoughts of his friends, comrades and enemies, he soon realizes the situation is grim. The units are sorted by faction. Meanwhile, tensions between the A-Laws and the Federation Army continue to rise to the point of an emerging coup d'etat. Eventually, Ribbons and Setsuna damage each other to the point where neither one can continue fighting. Jump to: navigationsearch. The Gundam Meisters and the crew of the Ptolemaios face many opponents from the three major powers, the Union, Human Reform League, and AEU during their armed interventions in the first series. Because he's only seen 0 Raiser in the data schematics, he was excited to see the finished product. Ian and his engineering team went on to developing the new Gundams, despite missing their Gundam Meisters.

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  • Ian Vashti (イアン・ヴァスティ Ian Vasuti) is a fictional character from Mobile Suit Ian warned Setsuna that 00 Gundam still have technical issues and strongly. Ian Vashti (イアン・ヴァスティ, Ian Vasuti) is a fictional character from the anime, Mobile Suit Gundam Ian is Celestial Being's chief engineer. Linda Vashti (リンダ・ヴァスティ Rinda Vasutei) is a fictional character of Mobile Suit Gundam Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie -A wakening of the Trailblazer- Only 4 out the 5 GN Drives was recovered (Exia and Setsuna was MIA) and.
    Episode 1.

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    Nena Trinity 25 Episodes. Sign In Don't have an account? Katsuyuki Konishi Johann Trinity 25 Episodes. He also played a role in testing and maintaining the 2nd generations Gundams, which were designed and created before he joined CB.

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    images ian vashti gundam 00 setsuna
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    Allelujah encounters difficulties while facing Soma and Setsuna with Mr.

    March 15, However, with GN particle disruptors forming an anti-GN particle cloud across the battlefield, the effectiveness of the Gundams' beam weapons is reduced greatly. The Federation forces later traveled to Mars in order to discover the ELS's intentions, with Descartes heading out first in the Gadelaza and destroying most of them before the Federation's Mobile Suits forces had engaged in battle, however most of its ships and Mobile suits were assimilated, and Descartes who had destroyed almost all of the ELS was assimilated as well, killing him in the process.

    Ian warned Setsuna that 00 Gundam still have technical issues and strongly advised against using Trans-Am an unproven theory to balance the Twin Drive System.

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    In the aftermath, Andrei Smirnov unexpectedly slays Hank Hercule, and soon associates his father Sergei with the coup d'etat. Initially, A-Laws is met with heavy resistance from Celestial Being in the form of new weapon upgrades for their Gundams.

    This is a list of fictional characters from the Japanese anime television series, Mobile Suit While he never truly reciprocates her feelings, Mileina Vashti stated that no matter which form he takes she loves him (A Wakening of Trailblazer).

    In the Gundam 00 Movie, he sacrifices himself to help Setsuna to get into the ELS​. The film is set two years after the second season of Mobile Suit Gundam 00, as the In Celestial Being's Asteroid Base, Ian Vashti greets his wife, Linda, after her Setsuna heads out in the 00 Raiser Condenser Type, along with Lockon in​.


    Premiering on October 4th,Mobile Suit Gundam 00 note Pronounced "​Double-Oh" Sumeragi Lee Noriega slaps Tieria Erde when he goes ballistic on Setsuna F. Chekhov's Gunman: Lyle Dylandy, Ribbons Almark, and Linda Vashti.
    She's also seen capable of fully utilizing a shuttle and the secondary bridge of CBS Ptolemaios 2suggesting additional skills in ship piloting and use of artillery weapons.

    images ian vashti gundam 00 setsuna

    Unfortunately, Setsuna falls victim to a mental attack from the ELS and is rendered comatose in the middle of battle, with the 00 Raiser being hit by the ELS from all directions. Read More. But unlike the Innovades, the Trinity siblings have significantly less androgynous appearances.

    images ian vashti gundam 00 setsuna

    After he dressed up in uniform, Tieria, Lasse, and Meleina filled in on what happened between recovering.

    images ian vashti gundam 00 setsuna
    Saji and Louise meet in battle, the two being transported to an alternate reality and Louise is left shaken in her resolve to fight against him.

    Setsuna, in turn, takes the remaining GN Drive and installs it back into the Exia.

    ian vashti Tumblr

    November 17, Despite the best efforts of the Raiser to destroy the second Memento Mori, the beam fired from the badly damaged satellite weapon is still sufficient to severely damage the elevator; pieces of falling structure begin devastating the surface below. In between this time, Setsuna was returning with Sumeragi and Lockon when there was news of an immanent A-Laws attack.

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    images ian vashti gundam 00 setsuna


    1. In the course of the duel, Graham and Setsuna appear to each other in an alternate reality due to the presence of GN particles. February 22,

    2. Sumeragi had the Gundams reactivated with a stand alone operating system and the Gundams successfully fended off UN Forces. Gundam 00 Episode Listing.

    3. While traveling underwater, Ian was working with Saji on doing routine maintenance on the Ptolemy. Although married, it never stopped Ian enjoying the sight of beautiful woman.

    4. Ian and his technical team completed 00 Gundam, an experimental fourth generation Gundam based on Aeolia Schenberg's theory on synchronized use of two GN Drives. Mamoru Miyano Setsuna F.